Essence Blends Collection

Essence Blends Collection

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Essence Blends Collection takes the guesswork and complexity out of essential oils. Our world-renowned experts have carefully crafted each blend with your health and wellness in mind.

Isagenix DefenseShield™ - Give your natural defense systems every advantage with this daily immune support blend.

Isagenix Airway™- Take a deep breath with this crisp, invigorating blend of aromatic botanicals for a positive breathing experience.

Isagenix Content™- This sweet, aromatic blend promotes feelings of satisfaction and relaxation while supporting weight wellness.

Isagenix TumBliss™- A daily helping of this naturally comforting blend supports the digestive system.†


1 DefenseShield™ - Essential Oil Blend - 15 ml
1 TumBliss™ - Essential Oil Blend -15 ml
1 Content™ - Essential Oil Blend - 15 ml
Airway™ - Essential Oil Blend - 15 ml