100 Pounds Lighter: A Selfless Dad’s Weight Loss Story

Mark has always been a champion for others. A loving and devoted father and husband, he has devoted his entire life to “lifting people to a place of happiness, comfort, justice, or joy.”

After all, he was the kid who made sure the new student at school felt welcome, the diligent college student who helped foreign exchange students ease into life on an American college campus, and the Assistant State’s Attorney who sought justice for victims of violence.

But, it’s often the case that those who dedicate their lives to taking care of others can overlook taking care of themselves. And that certainly became the case for Mark.

“I lost sight of the fact that I needed to take care of myself as well,” Mark said. “I got buried deep in poor health, stress, and exhaustion.”

Around the time Mark had this realization, he was introduced to Isagenix. It didn’t take long for Mark to begin feeling and seeing results. But more importantly, he discovered that he could be both a champion for others and a champion for himself.

100 lost pounds later, Mark is thrilled to be an IsaBody™ Finalist!

Get to Know Mark

We had a few questions for Mark about his incredible results in the IsaBody Challenge®, and here’s what he had to say about his experiences:

Isagenix: Losing 100 pounds is incredible.* Did you have to adjust your approach to exercise and nutrition for the weight to begin to fall off?

Mark: The most incredible thing about my weight loss story is that I am no different than any other individual who begins an Isagenix journey to wellness. I followed the program exactly as it was designed, and my body began to change. After 60 days on the system, focusing only on nutrition, I started to incorporate simple cardio by walking after dinner. Once I reached my weight loss goal, I adjusted my calories and exercise to begin building lean muscle. I incorporated the AMPED™ Performance line into my nutrition regimen and began to experience a notable difference in my physique and strength.

I: What kept you going during the times you wanted to give up or slack off?

M: I always kept my “why” in the forefront of my weight loss journey. My children were burdened with my poor health, and I was not going to let them down. I had my wife, Jennifer, by my side as we both incorporated this healthy lifestyle together. It was easier to stay motivated because my entire family started enjoying the benefits of Isagenix with me!

I: Do you have any tips for maintaining the balance between being a champion for others and a champion for yourself?

M: To be the best you that you can be and help others do the same, you must realize no one is alone on their journey. It’s all about relying on the various communities of support that are available. Social media can be a powerful tool for this. The uplifting guidance you receive from others helps you stay focused and believe in yourself. Everyone should feel this good and know that they are worth it!

I: What do you do each morning to get yourself ready for success and the day ahead?

M: I am a big believer in journaling my food intake. I hop on the IsaLife™ app and log in all my Isagenix products and my whole-food choices that fit into my weight loss plan. I always begin my day with Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack for Men and Ionix® Supreme and an IsaLean® Pro Shake so I have a strong nutritional base to start my day.

I: What’s your best advice for someone who is doing the IsaBody Challenge for the first time?

M: The first time someone goes into their Back Office to log in to the IsaBody Challenge, I like to remined them that this is the greatest tool to have in their Isagenix toolbox because it is designed to help you be better than yesterday. The challenge isn’t a competition with anyone but your own determination, mindset, and work ethic. That’s the beauty of the IsaBody Challenge – it’s the opportunity to build confidence, surround yourself with a community of support, learn new exercises and meal ideas, and get healthy living advice.

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